Cache the result once the execution of the physical plan hits this node.

LazyFrame.collect(*[, type_coercion, ...])

Materialize this LazyFrame into a DataFrame.

LazyFrame.collect_async(*[, gevent, ...])

Collect DataFrame asynchronously in thread pool.

LazyFrame.fetch([n_rows, type_coercion, ...])

Collect a small number of rows for debugging purposes.


Return lazy representation, i.e. itself.

LazyFrame.map(function, *[, ...])

Apply a custom function.

LazyFrame.map_batches(function, *[, ...])

Apply a custom function.

LazyFrame.pipe(function, *args, **kwargs)

Offers a structured way to apply a sequence of user-defined functions (UDFs).

LazyFrame.profile(*[, type_coercion, ...])

Profile a LazyFrame.

Read/write logical plan#


Read a logical plan from a JSON file to construct a LazyFrame.


Serialize the logical plan of this LazyFrame to a file or string in JSON format.