Export DataFrame data to other formats:

DataFrame.__dataframe__([nan_as_null, ...])

Convert to a dataframe object implementing the dataframe interchange protocol.


Collect the underlying arrow arrays in an Arrow Table.

DataFrame.to_dict(*[, as_series])

Convert DataFrame to a dictionary mapping column name to values.


Convert every row to a dictionary of Python-native values.


Convert DataFrame to instantiatable string representation.

DataFrame.to_jax([return_type, device, ...])

Convert DataFrame to a Jax Array, or dict of Jax Arrays.

DataFrame.to_numpy(*[, structured, order, ...])

Convert this DataFrame to a NumPy ndarray.

DataFrame.to_pandas(*[, ...])

Convert this DataFrame to a pandas DataFrame.


Convert a DataFrame to a Series of type Struct.

DataFrame.to_torch([return_type, label, ...])

Convert DataFrame to a PyTorch Tensor, Dataset, or dict of Tensors.